The Gift Of Presence & Mindfulness with Caroline Welch

Better Together with Maria Menounos
August 3, 2020

Looking to make a change in your life?

Bestselling author @CarolineWelchAuthor is just the person to guide you through it. With her mindfulness practices based around purpose, pivoting, and pacing, she gives us (women in particular!) a beautiful framework to make big, purpose-driven decisions in our lives.

Caroline offers some amazing strategies like “Selective Neglect” and “The 3 W’s: What Went Well” for practical, everyday tools we can apply to our whole lives.

Interview begins at approximately 19:30.


The Gift of Presence with Caroline Welch

On Balance: Parenting and Education
July 1, 2020

Dawn Williams speaks with Caroline Welch, co-founder and CEO of the Mindsight Institute, and author of The Gift Of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women. Caroline shares techniques for cultivating presence, a new way to frame our thinking about stress, and other strategies for living mindfully. A longtime friend of Blue School, Caroline’s research and recommendations are especially helpful now.

About On Balance:

Welcome to On Balance, a podcast for parents created by Blue School educators. We know that even in ideal circumstances, finding balance at home and in life can be a challenge. And now we’ve been called on to be 24 hour a day parents, while balancing work responsibilities and our own emotions during this difficult moment in time. If you are finding it particularly difficult, we’re so with you.


Welcome to the Eternal Now: Uncertainty feels a whole lot like a scary time loop

June 15, 2020

Why the infinite now is so unnerving
Caroline Welch, the CEO and co-founder of the Mindsight Institute and author of The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women, explains that the human brain has evolved over millions of years to detect patterns in what is happening in the present, which then allow us to anticipate what’s likely to happen next. Planning for the future is a hard-wired survival mechanism. “Not being able to detect and predict patterns in the present frustrates our brain, in effect putting it on furlough,” says Welch. “So when uncertainty is the only certainty, it’s highly stressful for us.”


Caroline Welch of the Mindsight Institute: “Here are 5 things we can do to develop serenity and support each other during these anxious times”

Authority Magazine
April 14, 2020

As a part of my series about the things we can do to develop serenity and support each other during anxious times, I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline Welch.


Getting Present with Caroline Welch

Technology For Mindfulness Podcast
April 6, 2020

In episode 74, Caroline Welch joins us for a conversation about cultivating and pursuing a mindfulness practice. Caroline is the Co-founder and CEO of the Mindsight Institute and author of The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women.


The Gift of Presence

Being Well Podcast with Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson
March 23, 2020

Caroline Welch joins the podcast to help us explore the role of mindfulness in our everyday lives, and how presence can be a particularly valuable tool for women. Caroline’s new book, The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women, offers a scientifically inspired approach to a simple question: Is there a way for women to live with more calm amid the chaos? 


3 Ways To Let Go Of Your Wandering Thoughts & Stay Present

Mind Body Green
By Caroline Welch, Contributing Writer
March 18, 2020

Why is it that we are unhappy when unintentionally mind-wandering? Because when we aren’t present, we can easily get stuck in ruminating, reliving, and regretting the past, or fast-forwarding, catastrophizing, and worrying about the future. This unintentional, negative mind-wandering causes us to feel distracted and unhappy. Also in high-stress situations, we are more prone to unintentional mind-wandering. Sound familiar?


The Gift of Presence: Caroline Welch and Sharon Salzberg

Facebook Live
March 17, 2020

A conversation with Caroline Welch and Sharon Salzberg celebrating the launch of The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women


20 Happiness Books That’ll Make You Feel Good at the Turn of Every Page

O Magazine
March 16, 2020

Are you overwhelmed by the world? We don’t blame you. The Gift of Presence offers a way for readers to establish an unshakable place of inner calm, so they remain sturdy even as the world sways around them. Caroline Welch, CEO of the Mindsight Institute, blends her own mindfulness teachings with wisdom gleaned from real women’s lives to create a wholly convincing reading experience.


We Can All Use the Gift of Presence

The Sunday Paper
March 15, 2020

In her new book, The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women, Caroline Welch provides a timely, practical way to move from chaos to calm. She shares the wisdom from the lives of over 100 women whom she interviewed, together with the latest science made accessible to show how presence—being mindfully aware— can contribute to our well-being.

We spoke with Caroline about how we can pave a pathway, especially during these especially challenging times, for living with more presence and meaning through an approach she calls the 3Ps of Purpose, Pivoting and Pacing.


Present Company Accepted: PW talks with Caroline Welch

Publishers Weekly
February 21, 2020

In The Gift of Presence (TarcherPerigee, Mar.), Caroline Welch, cofounder and CEO of the Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica, Calif., sets out to distill reams of peer-reviewed science about mindfulness into plain, clear advice. Welch spoke with PW about what researchers do and don’t know about mindfulness, and what the practice can mean for wellness overall.