Leading Edge Seminar – Mindful Presence in the Context of Race and Gender: Challenges and Opportunites
Mon, November 30

This webinar explores mindfulness as a process that facilitates greater presence with race and gender as they are experienced internally, relationally, in the therapeutic context, and in the world.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool that invites us to step into the “what is” of our race- and gender- related experience with courage and compassion.
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Wisdom 2.0
Thu, March 4

Caroline Welch will be leading a session at Wisdom 2.0
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2021 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
Thu, March 18

Caroline Welch will be leading a session at 2021 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
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From Chaos to Calm: A Nature Immersion and Mindfulness Retreat for Women
Sat, May 1

Join Caroline Welch, attorney, CEO of the Mindsight Institute, and author of The Gift of Presence: A Mindfulness Guide for Women (Penguin Random House 2020), together with Dr. Adriana Copeland, psychotherapist, UCLA certified mindfulness teacher, and certified forest bathing therapy guide, for a week-long journey of self-discovery and immersion in nature
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