The Embodiment Conference
Wed, October 14

We’re here to make the world’s embodied wisdom accessible to everyone. That’s what TEC is all about: changing the world, one body at a time. This year’s TEC will be even better than the last: we’ve got more epic presenters, an ever-growing conference community, and our new portal makes finding your favourite sessions easier than ever.
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Leading Edge Seminar – How Mindfulness Can Enhance Our Well-being and Be Applied to Couples Therapy
Fri, October 30

Mindfulness, practically applied through Caroline Welch’s 3Ps approach of Purpose, Pivoting, and Pacing, provides a useful tool for enriching our well-being both personally and professionally. In this webinar Caroline and couples therapist Ellyn Bader will explore why these concepts are so vital (particularly for women) and how mindfulness can cultivate the resilience that is so needed in couples therapy.
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Leading Edge Seminar – Mindful Presence in the Context of Race and Gender: Challenges and Opportunites
Mon, November 30

This webinar explores mindfulness as a process that facilitates greater presence with race and gender as they are experienced internally, relationally, in the therapeutic context, and in the world.  Mindfulness is a powerful tool that invites us to step into the “what is” of our race- and gender- related experience with courage and compassion.
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Wisdom 2.0
Thu, March 4

Caroline Welch will be leading a session at Wisdom 2.0
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2021 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
Thu, March 18

Caroline Welch will be leading a session at 2021 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
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